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All Peoples Christian Church Los Angeles- Practicing the Radical Love and Radical Hospitality of Jesus Christ!All Peoples Christian Church was inclusive before it was cool!  That's because Jesus was all inclusive in his love.  No matter color, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, you are welcome in our church.  We celebrate God's love for all.  We celebrate our differences and diversity always seeking to be a "living mosaic of God's love.  Our community enjoys fellowship with open and loving people who seek to fulfill the dream that "...God's house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" (Isaiah 56:7) 

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  • Doug

    Doug Van Nuys

    I hope "Go Daddy" sermon is better than those cheesy ads for the web service.

    I hope "Go Daddy" sermon is better than those cheesy ads for the web service.

  • Ryan

    Ryan Foothills

    This is one bighearted Church!

    This is one bighearted Church!

Just off the I-10 - one block off the intersection of West Washington Blvd and South San Pedro Street in historic South Los Angeles
Two blocks south of San Pedro stop on LA Metro Blue Line. 
822 East 20th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011 
Phone: (213) 747-6406


Previous events

Welcome Home Baskets

All Peoples supported the LA Mayor's office "Welcome Home Program." The program invites hosts to gather household and personal items in laundry baskets. These are provided to (formerly homeless) persons who have been placed into apartments. This important ministry is a small gesture to show that we care, and to help provide stability for some who need it the most. All Peoples' Doug Hileman presents the church's baskets to LAFD's finest.

Peace Sunday (4th annual!): "Change: Conflict or Peace?"

The Rev. Florentino Cordova shared his experience growing up in New Mexico, and dealing with the kinds of changes that life throws at us all. External forces often begin with conflict with change; "Tino" shared perspectives on how we can turn changes into opportunities to achieve peace with ourselves and those around us.
All Peoples hosts annual events to coordinate with the United Nations' International Day of Peace (September 21).

An Unlikely Kingdom scripture Matthew 13:31-33, 44-46 7.92 MB
The House of God and Gate of Heaven scripture Genesis 28:10-19a 10.3 MB
Sowing the Path and Walking the Path scripture Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 9.38 MB
Hard Lessons—Jesus Edition scripture Matthew 10:24-39 10.7 MB
In the Wilderness scripture Genesis 21:8-21 6.74 MB
Father of Nations Father's Day, scripture Genesis 18:1-15 10.4 MB
God: The Relational Web scripture 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 9.18 MB
A Church for All Peoples Pentecost Sunday 2017, scripture Acts 2:1-21 9.77 MB
That They May All Be One scripture John 17:1-11 10 MB
The Way, Truth, and Life scripture John 14:1-14 8.37 MB
All Things in Common scripture Acts 2:14a, 36-47 6.91 MB
All of Us Are Witnesses scripture Acts 2:14a, 22-32 8.04 MB
God Raised Him Easter Sunday sermon 2017, scripture Acts 10:34-43 8.78 MB
A Fateful Parade Palm Sunday sermon 2017, scripture Matthew 21:1-11 8.24 MB
11. Pastor Frank Sermon 03-13-2016 "This One Thing I DO" 24.8 MB
10. Pastor Frank Sermon 03-06-2016 Titled: "From Now ON" 25.4 MB
9. Pastor Frank's Sermon 02-28-2016 Titled: "The Key Ingredient" 22.4 MB
8. Pastor Frank Sermon 02-21-2016 Titled: "In Tears" 27.1 MB
7. Pastor Frank Sermon 02-14-2016 Titled: "The Devil is in The Details" 22.5 MB
6. Pastor Frank Sermon 02-07-2016 Title: "No Foundation Needed" 22.3 MB
1. Pastor Frank Sermon 01-03-2016 "What Is Our Mission?" 61.3 MB
2. Pastor Frank Sermon 01-10-2016 Sermon Title: "Who Is Our Mission Field?" 70.9 MB
3. Pastor Frank Sermon 01-17-2016 "What Does Our Audience Expect?" 37.3 MB
4. Pastor Frank Sermon 01-24-2016 Titled: "What Are Our Results?" 34.8 MB