Our Story

All Peoples Christian Church and Community Center (formerly known as All Peoples Christian Center) located at 822 East 20th Street, Los Angeles in historic South Central, has its roots in the Japanese Christian Church founded in the 1920’s. The church was vacated when during World War II the members, being of Japanese descent, were relocated to internment camps. 
In 1942 the Pastor Dan Genung was hired by the Untied Christian Missionary Society to start a new Christian Center to minster to the remaining Japanese families and other  community members who were African American, Latino, Armenian, and Chinese. This multi-cultural community was the impetus for Dan's vision to be realized, and thus a new ministry was born. The Center was founded in 1942 and was established on the site of the old Japanese Christian Institute. Rev Genung’s vision was for a ministry far beyond and more inclusive than to just Japanese families. He also saw the need for a church to minister to the spiritual, as well as the social needs, of the people of the area. Thus, in 1946 All Peoples Christian Church was born. For the early history of APCC the Minister served as both the pastor to the church and the executive director of the Community Center. 

As the neighborhood changed so did APCC.  What started as a ministry to Japanese families transitioned by the 1950’s into a predominantly African American ministry. But even during that period APCC was always an inclusive interracial congregation open and welcoming to “All Peoples”. In the 1970’s the All Peoples Community Center was restructured, and the Church and Community Center were legally separated so that the Center could avail itself of United Way and other public funding. The Church and Community Center now co-exist under a Covenant Agreement that is the “tie that binds them together”. For the past 30+ years Saundra Bryant has served as the Executive Director of the Community Center that ministers to approximately 350 children daily including families (predominantly Hispanic and African American) with daycare, pre-school care, after-school, and a High School. Sandy embodies the history and success of the Center as she was a participant from the age of two! 

The Board of the Community Center clearly represents the history and Covenant of APCC As it is independent and includes a representative from the Disciples Homeland Ministry, the Regional Minister of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (DOC) and the Pastor of APCC.  

All Peoples Christian Church from its beginning has been an inclusive and welcoming congregation truly striving to be a house of prayer for “All Peoples”. In short, APCC was inclusive way before inclusive was cool! The congregation is made up of Japanese, African American, Hispanic and Caucasian members from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic status.  APCC is alive and well reaching out to welcome and serve all who share its vision of God’s inclusive love and redemption for all peoples regardless of their race, creed, or sexual orientation.